The future's so bright we gotta wear shades!
Posted by Kathie on 11/29/2011 to The Vertical Cat
It's been one busy year for The Vertical Cat. For a business that started with a crazy idea of mine and required several months of development to come up with unique and functional Cat Trees, Shelves and Stairs, things have moved along very quickly. Thanks so much for all who participated in last week's sale. It's been a big success for us and now Terry has lots of work to do to fulfill your orders. Since most of orders we get are custom, we've brought Terry's son-in-law, Donny, in to help him out.
Our Black Friday 25% OFF Sale is ON!
Posted by Kathie on 11/21/2011 to The Vertical Cat
Black Friday is here, at least at The Vertical Cat. Our Black Friday 25% OFF sale has started and our prices have never been lower. Our sale runs until midnight on Black Friday.
We're having a sale... a really big 25% Off Black Friday Sale!
Posted by Kathie on 11/18/2011 to The Vertical Cat
Black Friday is approaching, but we're not going to wait until after Thanksgiving to make our furniture more affordable than it's ever been. We're having an enormous Black Friday sale with one solid week of savings for Vertical Cat fans and you can save 25% off all our cat trees, shelves and stairs.

Our Black Friday Sale will run from...
Life in the big house
Posted by Kathie on 11/13/2011 to Animal Rescues
I volunteer at PAWS Tinley Park Animal Shelter on Saturdays and I was there yesterday. The first thing I always do is focus on the cats that have been there the longest... I spent some time with Laverne.

This is a sad cat story, so continue reading at your own risk...

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