Big news for The Vertical Cat!
Posted by Kathie on 10/27/2011 to The Vertical Cat
Great news, Vertical Cat fans! Terry has just finished a new wall unit. It's a Corner Stair that will help create even more unique vertical spaces for your cats. I've included a couple of pictures.
Cat kisses
Posted by Kathie on 10/14/2011 to Cat Behavior and Tips
After working at PAWS Tinley Park for years, I discovered a great little tip for working with cats that often would calm even the most nervous feline. This technique is sometimes called "cat kisses" and involves simply catching a cat's stare and then slowly, very slowly, blinking.
I had this idea...
Posted by Kathie Huddleston on 10/6/2011 to The Vertical Cat
I had this idea... I've worked with cats at PAWS Tinley Park animal shelter for several years and I have two cats of my own. I'm always looking for tips on dealing with cat behavior and I was watching My Cat From Hell on Animal Planet, which stars cat behavioralist Jackson Galaxy. He's a cat behavioralist by day and a rock star by night, and he has the tatoos to prove it.

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