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Here's customer videos and some of our promotional videos. Send your videos to TheVerticalCat@yahoo.com or the link from a site like youtube.com, and we'll make your kitty a star.
Promotional Videos
I put together promotional videos for fun, entertainment and, of course, promotion.

Ziggy The Cat Sands - and helps us make beautiful Vertical Cat furniture for people around the world.

Create the Ultimate Kitty Superhighway with The Vertical Cat!

Customer Videos
Some of our fabulous customers have sent us cool kitty videos. Send yours along so we can add to the fun. Or send along a series of pics with your cat on our furniture and I'll make you a video like Ziggy Sands above with your kitty as the star.

Russ's cats, Sophie and Mowgli, hang on their Kitty Superhighway

Carol's Ferals in Michigan
won our $1,000 Catification Shelter Makeover contest in 2012 and did this awesome video tour of the new catification project.

How To Videos
To come!
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