The Catification Lady: Designing Your Cat Superhighway – Think Like a Cat
Posted by Kathie, the Catification Lady on 9/23/2013 to The Catification Lady
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When it comes to designing an attractive and functional Kitty Superhighway, there's several things to consider. We covered Distance in a past blog entry, as in how far to put your shelves apart. Here's some other things to think about while making your plans.

Going Up

One of the first concerns when planning the vertical space for your cat is getting them up off the ground. To do this you may want to use kitty stairs, a zigzag pattern of shelves or stairs, or a step pattern of shelves. You can also use a sofa, table or bookcase as part of the highway.

Here's a picture of a zigzag pattern using two of our 4-Step Cat Stairs. Heading down the Stairs is Smooches who lives in Chicago.

Smootches on our 4-Step Cat Stair


Once your kitty is up at least to the middle of the wall, make sure the design flows naturally. Think like a cat and imagine them jumping from shelf to shelf. You want them to be able to get some exercise, but also to be safe. One landing spot should easily lead to another.

You can also guide the path away from an area you don't want your cat to be in, like near a wall mounted TV or shelf with breakables, by giving your kitty a more attractive option. Make sure to incorporate landing spots by windows and areas you or your family hang out in. Cats love the Kitty TV of a window and many of them really want to hang near us but up where they can watch the action in a room.

A successful design is all about the flow for your cat, but also it looks cool too on the wall. This design was on Jackson Galaxy's My Cat From Hell. Pictured is Red, a cat that was being tormented by his black handicapped housemate, Pip. The beautiful design here allows Red an escape and a great vantage point that he can claim ownership of, and it's a perfect example of creating a natural flow.

The Vertical Cat on My Cat From Hell

Multiple Paths

Whether you have one cat or multiple cats, consider building in areas where more than paths exist so cats can have options and avoid each other if they want to. While most cats can easily jump down to the floor if another cat becomes an obstacle, it's best to make sure they are comfortable in their vertical space.

And while it's important to build optional paths in to your design, one or two spots on a wall will be enough for a cat to find a safe haven. You do not need to have two completely different paths, just a second place to give your kitty a choice during her movement.

Below our Cat Tunnels were used to offer two paths. One on top of the tunnel and one through the tunnel. Giving your cats flexibility in their travels allows them to continue to be comfortable in their vertical space and not get scared by the thought of running into a dispute over territory.

Here's a picture of the Kitty Superhighway at the Branford Compassion Club cat rescue by uber photographer Mary Johnson. Note that kitties have flexibility in how they move along the walls. The cat trees and cages also allow for a quick exit if one is needed.

The Vertical Cat at Branford Compassion Cat Rescue

Exit Routes

I always like to see at least two entrance/exit routes so your kitty doesn't feel trapped. And if your cats don't get along, but are both tree dwellers (aka they like to both be up high), you might want to consider a third exit route. Remember that cat trees, sofas, tables and other pieces of people furniture can be used as an exit route. So look at the furniture you have already before springing for lots of shelves.

The Vertical Cat - Creating a Step Pattern

Again, when designing your entrance and exit route, think like a cat. Where would the cat be most comfortable going up and where might they really want to get down. You don't want them to have to jump directly to the floor unless it's their choice.

Having a successful Kitty Superhighway, Cat Playground or whatever you want to call it can help your cats have richer and healthier lives. Check out future blog posts for more on Designing your vertical space.

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Kristen Date 2/24/2015
How high from the top of the ceiling should cat shelves go? Ours are 11.5" from the ceiling, and I worry now that they are too close to the ceiling. (Esp. as it's popcorn.)
Pattie Sarni Date 9/25/2016
i need help getting my cat out of the kitchen. she wants to be everywhere i am. in my bussiness. i would need a perch for ever where i stand. she owns the house. i just want my one kitchen counter. thats it. she owns the rest. i rescued her 6 months ago. i own a chow. she was 4 pounds when i found her. skin and bone. she stood her ground with my vhow and didnt budge. the only cat he respects.
Carlopycle Date 9/16/2017
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