The Catification Lady: Designing Your Cat Superhighway – Create Paper Shelves
Posted by Kathie, the Catification Lady on 1/12/2014 to The Catification Lady
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Figuring out the best design for your Kitty Superhighway can be a challenge. Whether your walls are blank or filled with pictures, it can be intimidating to create a design that looks good and works for your cats.

So where do you start? You want to make sure that there are entrance and exit routes, that there's a nice flow, and that the shelves are spaced in a way that works for your cats. But how exactly do you lay out the shelves?

One of our customers, Lynn, came up with an idea that I thought was awesome. She sent me a picture (below), with paper representing the size and shape of the shelves. The paper shelves were then hung on the wall with tape. By doing this she could get a real visual of how the shelves would look and work for the kitties.

The Vertical Cat - Design your kitty superhighway

What an absolutely great idea. You just take any kind of paper, even if you have to tape printing paper together or cut them down to get the right size, draw the basic design of the shelves on the paper, and tape the paper sheets on the wall. And then if you don't like that design, move things around. You can also take pictures of the different layouts to compare for later.

Any site that sells cat shelves, including ours, has the measurements, so you can get specific with your paper shelves. And you only need the width and the height. Our standard cat shelves, for example, are just under 24” x 8” high. While our stairs are placed at a 45 degree angle, here's the measurements you'd use when creating paper stairs for your design.

3-Step Cat Stair – 11-1/2” x 35-1/2”

4-Step Cat Stair – 11-1/2” x 44-1/2”
5-Step Cat Stair – 11-1/2” x 51-1/2”
6-Step Cat Stair – 11-1/2” x 59-1/2”

This great design tool gives you a real idea of the size of the shelves and the flow of your design. So simple and so effective!

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Mark Date 2/27/2016
How high apart do you make the steps/shelves and how far between steps/shelves. So, how high off the floor would the first/last step be, and how far away and higher is the next shelf?
Katie Fife Date 8/12/2017
Thank you! This is my first attempt at created shelves for my cats and I was struggling with what I wanted to buy and how it would look. Great idea! Thank you for sharing.
Carlopycle Date 9/16/2017
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