The Catification Lady: Creating a Spiral Cat Tree
Posted by Kathie, the Catification Lady on 7/19/2015 to The Catification Lady
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I've been wanting us to have a Spiral Cat Tree for a long time. Like a really long time. We have two great Cat Trees, the Alexa Corner Cat Tree, and the Purrsilla Cat Tree and they are sturdy, well engineered and beautiful. But I really wanted a Spiral to go with our line of cat trees.

We made an attempt a couple years ago and built 10 Cat Trees for Harmony House for Cats in Chicago.

The Vertical Cat's First Spiral Cat Tree at Harmony House for CatsThe cats love it and it's extremely sturdy, so the shelter loves it. The shelter has no carpet on any of the 49 pieces we've done for them and the trees and shelves have held up great. I visited them not long ago and they're very happy with the pieces and ordered a couple more.

However, this very cool spiral took Terry forever to make (and he had to make 10 of them), and they couldn't be broken down for shipment. Who's going to want to pay more for shipping than for the cat tree?

So the Spiral Cat Tree was put to the side as we developed other very popular pieces, like our wall mounted Cat Bed.

Well, the desire to add a Spiral Cat Tree to our line never left me, so I kept bugging Terry. We wanted the Spiral to go with our other trees, so the shelves looked the same and the overall style worked with our other cat trees and shelves.

Finally, after about two years of development, we're nearly ready to launch the Catreena Spiral Cat Tree.

The Vertical Cat's Catreena Spiral Cat Tree     The Vertical Cat's Catreena Spiral Cat Tree

Here's the new Spiral Tree and Terry and I are very proud of it. Snowball (top shelf) and Custard (third shelf), our product testers, are big fans.

The shelves on this prototype are a little smaller than they will be with the finished version, which will be 18" x 11". Our other trees are 22" long. Terry insists that the Catreena needs to fit through a standard door, hence the 18" shelves. Silly goose.

The tree does have an additional shelf that the Alexa and the Purrsilla don't have, so 4 shelves instead of 3 for our 4' version. That means the shelves will be a little closer, making it great for cats that have movement issues like arthritis or the loss of a leg.

We're making some minor adjustments, but we'll be ready to launch the new tree within the next week or so.

The one other element of note in the development of the tree is that Terry really, really, really wanted to call the tree the CATreena. I've been resistant to the name because after all, who wants to call a cat tree named after a hurricane. However, he suggested the spelling (which has the word CAT in it after all), so I finally gave in because I'm so thrilled to finally have the Catreena done.

So here we are, after two years, various designs and endless naming battles, finally introducing the Catreena Spiral Cat Tree. Let us know what you think. Here's Custard's opinion...

The Vertical Cat - Custard on the Catreena Spiral Cat Tree

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terry Date 7/19/2015
Kathie it should be spelled Cattreena with two tt's. The name is literately Cat-tree-na. what better name for a cat tree than Cat-tree-na.
Deborah McKoy Date 7/20/2015
I volunteer at Harmony House, and can testify that the cats love it. I would like to get one or two for my own home when you are ready to start taking orders. Let me know
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