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Anna Less"My Cat Tunnel looks great with mom's decor, and is very stylish, if you ask me. And we have a supersized Cat Tunnel, allowing plenty of room for myself and Mr. Sandwich. Since my buddy is a full-figured kitty, the extra space gives us a roomy room with a view." - Anna Lee

Clawd Monet
"I'm a window cat and our new Vertical Cat 5' Window Cat Walk gives me the perfect vantage point for my window watching adventures. While I'm hanging out at Carol's Ferals cat shelter waiting for my forever home, at least I have a cool orange room with an awesome view." - Claw'd Monet

Jean at Branford"I'm a cat. I can't admit I love something. I have to look cool and aloof. That's my job. However, I will admit I don't mind doing all that on my Vertical Cat shelves and stairs. Ooh, and that Cat Tunnel, I really don't mind looking cool and aloof in that." - Jean

Cooper at Branford"Comfy shelves, cool stairs, cuddly cat tunnel ............ Cat nap time. .......... zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz." - Cooper.

HandsomeBoyAtBranford"They call me Handsome Boy. I am indeed a handsome boy who likes handsome cat furniture. And my Vertical Cat shelves and stairs are comfy too!" - Handsome Boy

Peanut at Branford"Leonardo da Vinci said, 'The smallest feline is a masterpiece.' I happen to think our Alexa Corner Cat Tree is a masterpiece. So it's one masterpiece sitting on another masterpiece. Is that awesome, or what?" - Peanut

"Our Vertical Cat Climbing System allows me to transverse the walls without ever having to touch the floor. I can go from the Cat Stairs to the Single Shelf to the Double Shelf and hang out by the window to do a little bird watching. Love it!" - Kasey

Bianca"According to Joseph Wood Krutch, 'Cats seem to go on the principle that it never does any harm to ask for what you want.' So true! I asked for some Cat Stairs and I got them. Now I can look out the window in style. Thanks Vertical Cat!" - Bianca

"The Vertical Cat Climbing System is sooooo cool! I dig the wall-mounted Corner Cat Stairs especially. Being able to go around the room on the walls is awesome!" - Kit

"Our sunroom is the perfect location for our Alexa Corner Cat Tree. Now if only I could get some Top Shelf time, life would be good!" - Josie

"I love my Purrisilla Cat Tree. It's a great window perch for watching birds and squirrels. And I love just kicking back on the soft carpet, which is great for cat naps and getting comfy. My biggest complaint is when Ziggy decides he wants to sit on my perch. What's that about?" - George

"Who's perch? As if! ... Actually I like the Alexa Corner Cat Tree best, anyway. It gets me up to the top of the entertainment center and gives me a great view of the room. Surveying one's domain isn't easy." - Ziggy
"I'm a double shelf kind of cat. I dig scampering up the stairs and laying back on the big double shelf. There's nothing quite like being a Vertical Cat." - Rufus
"I'm a discriminating cat, but I have to admit I like all The Vertical Cat furniture. It's great to have options! And there's nothing I like more than snuggling on the carpeting, if you know what I mean." - Stormi
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