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Our Cat Tunnel at Carol's FeralsWe love working with animal shelters! Our shelves are made to last and we're happy to work with shelters to make sure they get what they need to make the best environment possible for their cats. 

Cats do indeed love to go up and our Wall Climbing System for Cats allows them to do exactly that. Wall shelving and vertical space can help alleviate stress in a crowded shelter environment. 

Carpet or no carpet, paint or stain, custom sizes or our stock pieces...We understand the unique concerns shelters have when it comes to disease prevention and other issues, and we'll do what it takes to insure you get exactly what your shelter needs. 

Carpeted items don't always hold up well, so we're happy to make sure you have absolutely no carpet on your pieces unless you want carpet. However, if you do want carpet, our carpet is removable so it can be cleaned or replaced. We carry SmartStrand, which is meant to withstand even a punishing shelter environment. Check out the SmartStrand zoo challenge to find out more about the possibilities are for this carpet.

Another common shelter concern is sturdiness. Our pieces are designed to hold heavy cats, rambunctious cats, and multiple cats. They can be mounted directly on drywall, cement or other types of walls. When mounted properly, the shelves will last. And if your shelter gets a new location, or you find your needs change and you need to move the shelves, no problem. They can be removed and re-installed. They can be repainted or re-stained. And if you have carpet, it can be replaced at any time.

And because we know the tight financial situation most shelters have to live with, we'll give a 15% discount on all our wood furniture to any non-profit shelter with a 501(c)(3) tax exempt status. 

So let us know how we can help your shelter cats enjoy the benefits of our Wall Climbing System for Cats. Contact us at 773-642-6974 and let us know how we can help you.

Carol's Ferals wins $1,000 in Verical Cat furniture
Carol's Ferals in Grand Rapids, Michigan, wins $1,000 worth of merchandise in our Catification Shelter Makeover, held in association with ModernCat.net and cat behavioralist Jackson Galaxy.

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