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Here's some pictures for your amusement. And don't forget to check out Pictures throughout our site.

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Topper on our Corner Cat Stair with Carpet
Topper above loves his new Corner Cat Stair with Carpet, says his dad, Bryan. "What's a plus about this shelf is it happens to be enough in length to let him stretch out."

Jackie at Carols Ferals
"While I'm waiting for my forever home, I have to admit that The Vertical Cat wall-mounted 3-Step Cat Stairs are very cool. They help me get to those hard to reach places, and what cat doesn't love that?" says Jackie, who lives at Carol's Ferals Animal Shelter in Michigan.

Ivan in his Vertical Cat Tunnel
Here's Christine's kitty, Ivan, taking advantage of the window
in front of the tunnel to reach a toy. Because of the several wall-mounted pieces
around the room, Ivan only has to touch the ground when he wants to.

Eric's cats, Gus and Gordo on The Vertical Cat perches and shelves
Talk about a room with a view! Eric's cats, Gus and Gordo, love their new Cat Perches and Cat Shelves that provide the ultimate in Kitty TV! Eric says, "Thanks from Gus and Gordo!"

Laurie's cat, Anna Lee, checks out her new Vertical Cat Cat Tunnel
"Yep! The workmanship on my new Vertical Cat Cat Tunnel is awesome! Love the kitty face cut out!"
- Says Anna Lee, who along with her pal, Mr. Sandwich, is an expert cat furniture tester
(Picture submitted by Anna Lee's mom, Laurie)

Erin's Cat Otis on The Vertical Cat Corner Cat Stair
Erin says her adorable cat, Otis, loves his Corner Cat Stair and his other new Vertical Cat cat furniture! "Thank you SO much! He LOVES them!!"

Ellie Mae
Susan's cat, Ellie Mae takes a snooze on one of our Cat Stairs, enjoying all the comforts of being a kitty.

Harmony House
"I'm a kitten and the stairs help me get to those hard to get places. But give me a month or so and I'll be everywhere! Even places you don't want me to go. Actually especially places you don't want me to go. I love being a kitten!" - Living large at the Harmony House for Cats in Chicago

"You think I'm just taking a nap? Naw! I'm actually contemplating string theory and 
alternative theories of quantum gravity. I'll take a nap later." - Ginger

"Look mom! We can climb the walls in style!" - Smootches and Charlie (aka Nancy's cats)

Ziggy a la Stephen Hawking
"To confine our attention to terrestrial matters would be to limit the feline spirit... Okay, I threw a little Stephen Hawking in there for you." - Ziggy

Check out Pictures on Page 1 | Page 2 | Page 3 | Page 4
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