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Here's some MORE pictures for your amusement. 

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"I love my Vertical Cat shelves and stairs. Throw in a little stretching and some breathwork, and the next thing you know I'm doing Wall Yoga. Wannta try?" - Peanut

George on dogs.
"Dogs can't do this!" - George
What is that?
"Ha! No they can't!" - Stormi
"Okay, Daddy Terry, we're going to tell you one more time. It's a very nice Double Cat Shelf, but seriously we're not cats. Ruff... ruff." - Killian and Amber

How convenient! Stairs!
"How convenient! Stairs!" - Rufus

"Mom, Ziggy won't leave me alone! There needs to be more space between the steps!" Product tester George spoke and we listened. The new Alexa Corner Cat Tree has more space between the steps. However, Ziggy still finds ways to annoy George.

"Still not cats!" - Amber and Killian

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