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All our cat furniture is made out of Birch or Oak Veneer Plywood for our painted pieces and Oak Veneer Plywood for our stained pieces. Our shelves are all supported so even heavy cats can feel secure. Our trees, tunnels, shelves and stairs are built to last the lifetime of your cat.
Finish Color
Our furniture comes in a Oak, Vermont Maple, or Walnut stain, and a White, Burgundy, or Black paint. Your can also order our pieces Unfinished so you can finish them yourself. Or we can do a custom color if you'd like your shelves to blend into your walls, compliment or contrast. Painted pieces are usually made of Birch Veneer Plywood, and stained pieces are made of Oak Veneer Plywood to show off the beautiful grain of the wood. Here's a picture of our finishes next to each other.
The Vertical Cat finishes
If you'd like a Custom Color, we can do that. The best thing to do is go to the Minwax website or the Sherwin Williams website and choose a color. There's an extra $35 one-time charge per order. Want us to use something else besides Sherwin Williams or Minwax? Or are you looking for a custom paint or stain? No problem. Just tell us what you'd like us to use.
Carpet Inserts and SmartStrand®
Our carpet inserts are made of eco-friendly SmartStrand® carpet and are securely placed under a beveled edge of the wood and held in place with hook and loop (aka Velcro®). Carpet inserts come in Light Brown, Dark Brown, Light Blue, Slate Gray, Off White and Off Black, however we're happy to work with your color scheme. Just about any carpet can be cut and placed in our cat trees and shelves, including your own. We're happy to cut your own carpet extras into the right shapes and add hook and loop.

Here's the carpet colors we have that come standard with our shelves and trees:

The Vertical Cat Carpet Colors
If you want a special color, no worries! Tell us what you need and we'll figure out how to give it to you.

You can order additional carpet inserts at any time. The SmartStrand® eco-friendly carpet comes from Mohawk and is stain resistant and easy to clean. You can find out more about SmartStrand® at the Mohawk website.

Cleaning our carpet inserts
To clean your carpet inserts, remove the carpet and use a gentle soap to hand rinse the stain or soiled area. Let the carpet dry and replace it. You can use bleach without harming the carpet. This can be especially helpful when one cat gets ill to avoid the spread of disease.

The carpet insert is meant to stay secure, so pull up from a corner or curve for best results. To replace, tuck the carpet under the beveled edge of the wood at a corner or curve and continue to tuck the carpet in from that point before pushing down the center of the carpet to attach the hook and loop (similar to Velcro®).
Mounting our wall units
Our shelves and stairs must be mounted to the wall. We include the mounts you need to do the job. Here's our Mounting Instructions.
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