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We're very proud that we've been invited onto the Wayfair site, one of the Web's premier home-furnishings sites! We offer a selection of our products there, and you can shop for many other fine things as well.

Jackson Galaxy - Check out the website of the guy who inspired us to greater heights. He's one cool Cat Daddy and a great cat behavioralist.

ExclusivelyCats Blog by Sally E. Bahner - Sally's been writing about cats for over 30 years and has a great blog specializing in nutrition, holistic care, multiple cat behaviors and other feline-related issues. She also is a feline consultant who helps troubled kitties and their families.

PAWS Tinley Park - This is a great, no-kill, all volunteer-run animal shelter. I've volunteered at PAWS for several years now and both my cats, George and Ziggy, are from there.

Tree House Humane Society - This terrific cageless, no-kill cat rescue in Chicago does amazing work and is hoping to adopt out 600 cats this year. 

Purrfect Play - Pam Wheelock is the company's head honcho, cat soother and dog walker extraordinaire! Her company makes organic cat and dog toys from organic natural fibers. Do something great for the Earth and get your pets some great toys too!

The Feral Cat Coalition of Oregon - This is an amazing nonprofit spay and neuter clinic for feral and stray cats. In the last 16 years, FCCO has spayed and neutered over 50,000 cats on a donation-basis, preventing future generations of cats born on the streets.

Hauspanther.com - This fabulous blog is a great resource for cat owners with a modern aesthetic. They feature every kind of new cat product you can imagine and have great giveaways too!

Mohawk SmartStrand® Carpet - Our carpet inserts are made of this. Check out the zoo challenge on this site and see why this stain resistant, eco-friendly carpet made of renewably sourced polymer, is so awesome. It's actually produced from corn sugar, but the coolest thing is that it's soft to the touch and your kitty is going to love it.

"'I purr, therefore I am.' I may not have said that first, but I 
think I said it best." - Nero (Submitted by Mom Nina)  

"I'm the queen of the stairs!" - Bianca
(Submitted by Mom Nina)
George on the Madison Cat Tree.
"A window, a Madison and living the good life... Priceless!" - George

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