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If you have a question, contact us!
Naturally, we're okay with special requests and custom products. It's not like there's a layer of bureaucracy to go through. Ask us anything. The phone number below is Kathie's cell phone, which is why she says "Hello" when she answers!
Here's our info:
The Vertical Cat
538 Herbert Ave.
Unit 10
Lakemoor, IL 60051
Phone: 773-642-6974
We love to talk! Contact Us. And thanks for shopping with us!

By the way, check out the pics below and all through the site.
The Vertical Cat with Abigale on our Cat Shelf
"Forget a room with a view. How about a view with a room and a window!" - Abigail

The Vertical Cat with Custard on our Scratching Post
"It's a scratching post, sure! But a scratching post with a view is even more awesome!" - Custard

The Vertical Cat with Cooper
"Don't you wish you could hang out on the wall and watch the world go by?" - Cooper

The Verrtical Cat - Helen's Cats
Helen's cats love having options!

The Vertical Cat - Sadie
"Looking out the window from my Cat Perch is soooooooooooooo much better than looking out the window from the floor.
You know what I mean?" - Sadie
The Vertical Cat™ | Chicago | Lakemoor, IL | TheVerticalCat@yahoo.com | 773-642-6974