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CATify Your Home

Our Wall Climbing System for CatsYes! Now you can CATify your home with our Wall Climbing System. Our series of cat trees and wall-mounted shelves, tunnels and stairs can help you create a cat superhighway that means the tree dwellers in your life will never have to touch the floor again, unless they want to!

Once your home is CATified, your kitties will be able to enjoy kitty TV (that is, your windows) and reach those formerly unreachable places, like the tops of entertainment centers or bookcases. Or they'll just be able to hang out on our comfy shelves and nap while surveying their domain.

Imagine the possibilities. Imagine a room with no corners and no boundaries. Any room can become a cat paradise by creating the vertical spaces that allow your cats to literally climb the walls in style.

Consider how these pieces from our Vertical Cat Wall Climbing System might work for you:
  • Carpeted Cat Shelves
  • Carpeted Double Cat Shelves
  • Cat Stairs (3 and 4 step!)
  • Cat Tunnels
  • Cat Walks
  • Window Cat Walks
  • Corner Cat Stairs (aka NO CORNERS)
  • Wrap Around Corner Cat Shelf (aka NO OUTSIDE CORNERS)
And we'd love to assist you in figuring out the best configuration for your environment. We'll help you plan out your room or rooms in a way to best optimize your cat's vertical space. Just tell us your needs and send a picture of the area. Then we'll help you come up with a plan to best utilize the space you have.

And if your space needs a custom solution, no worries. We can design a custom piece just for you and your furry friends.

So embrace the CATification of your living space!

Contact us at TheVerticalCat@yahoo.com or call us at 773-642-6974 to see how our Vertical Cat Wall Climbing System can work for you.

We did this custom kitty playground for a wonderful woman in Chicago who adopted five black kittens who had lost their mothers. We built a 15' Cat Walk with two Cat Tunnels, a Guard Rail for kitten safety and a couple options for the cats to get up and down.

Branford Compassion Club
Here's what our friends at the Branford Compassion Club cat rescue have done with our cat shelves, tunnels and stairs. From left to right we've got a 4-Step Cat Stair, a Double Shelf, a Cat Tunnel, a Double Shelf and a Single Shelf. You can see more pictures here!

The Tree House
The Tree House Animal Shelter in Chicago with Rizdoll looking out the window and Rios below. From top to bottom there's a Single Shelf, a Double Shelf, a 3-Step Stairs and a second Double Shelf. The shelves were done in a custom brown semi gloss paint for easy cleaning.

The Tree House
Here's Rizdoll looking fabulous on the 3-Step Stairs.
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