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About Us

Kathie and TerryWe are a small company located in the Chicagoland area which is owned and operated by Kathie Huddleston and her brother, Terry Huddleston. Terry makes the furniture in his workshop, Kathie runs the business end, and her husband Chuck is the web guy. Kathie's cats, George and Ziggy, are supervisors and product testers. (So far, they have been happy to test out every product we've made and provide their opinion.)
We started the company in 2011. Kathie has been involved with cat rescues for several years. Both George and Ziggy came from PAWS at Tinley Park. When Kathie isn't thinking up new pieces of cat furniture for Terry to build or doing business for The Vertical Cat, she's an entertainment journalist for the Syfy Channel who writes for Blastr.com and Sci Fi Magazine.
Terry is a talented craftsman and artist, and works out of his new shop in Lakemoor, IL. He has two dogs (Killian and Amber), who often test out the sturdiness of our cat furniture. Sadly Terry and his family recently lost their 19-year-old cat, Purrsilla. Purrsilla was always happy to give her opinion about our cat trees, shelves and stairs, and she is greatly missed. We named one of our cat trees, the Purrsilla Cat Tree, in honor of her.

Terry working in his workshopA wonderful carpenter and finishing expert, Joe Powers, has joined us, and now owns a piece of the business. He brings years of woodworking and finishing expertise, and has done an amazing job at helping us create better building and finishing processes in our shop. When Joe's not building and painting stuff, he fronts the Joe Powers Country Band.

Our shop assistant, Mike, helps Terry and Joe.

Terry's wife, Linda, who also pitches in, has managed great patience considering she's put up with years of having cat furniture in her house. Linda sews the pillows for our Cat Beds.

Through these pages you'll also find cats Rufus and Stormi, who belong to Terry's son, Josh and his wife, Sandi. You'll also meet Custard and Snowball, who belong to Terry's daughter, Rissy. Rufus, Stormi, Custard and Snowball are outstanding product testers and rock star models. Rufus is 15 lbs. so he appreciates how sturdy our cat furniture is.

Our Alexa Corner Cat Tree is named after one of Terry's extremely cute granddaughters, Josh's daughter Alexa. We are a true family business.
We're excited about the business and we're working on new products all the time, including different types of shelves and stairs.

Please let us know what you think of our site and our furniture. And if you've ordered from us, we'd be thrilled to see pictures of your cats on The Vertical Cat furniture. And we'd love to post them along with your cat's testimonial!
Kathie and Terry Huddleston

Terry works on an 8' Alexa Corner Cat Tree
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