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Rufus and Stormi on the Alexa Corner Cat Tree

Available now... our new Catreena Spiral Cat Tree!

The Vertical Cat Catreena Spiral Cat TreeCheck it out! After two years of development, we're just released our newest cat tree, the Catreena Spiral Cat Tree.

The tree comes in 3', 4', 5', and 6' versions and has roomy shelves that are 19" x 11". It's designed to make it easy for older, arthritic and handicapped kitties to go up because they don't have to change direction and the shelves are only 12" apart. The tree is 30"W x 30"D.

The Catreena Spiral Cat Tree joins our cat tree line, along with Alexa Corner Cat Tree and our Purrsilla Cat Tree. All our trees are made of Oak Veneer Plywood and have removable carpet, which can be taken out to be cleaned or replaced.

You can check out the Catreena Spiral Cat Tree here, and find out more about the development of the Catreena on my Catification Lady Blog

And stay tuned for announcements regarding upcoming new pieces we'll be releasing within next month, the Cat Hole In The Wall, and our ceiling mounted Cat Bridges.

We make custom pieces

The Vertical Cat - Laura's Wall Mounted Cat TreeSince we started the company three years ago, we've been making cool custom pieces for our customers. From a Corner Cat Tunnel to a Wall Mounted Cat Tree to a Litter Concealment Bench, we've created some wonderful pieces along the way.

It usually starts with a customer who has a special need or an odd space. Whether its a request for a 9' Scratching Post or an enormous 8' Cat Walk with stairs attached on each side (we called that one the Godzilla), Terry and I come up with a design and he engineers it and builds it. Finally Michael and Joe finish the pieces and get them to our customers.

Here's Laura's Wall Mounted Cat Tree. The tree needed to be a way up from the circular hole in the wall that leads to the adjoining room. Here's Elfi going from one shelf to another.

And below we have the massive Godzilla Cat Walk, which we did for a wonderful lady named Amy. The Godzilla is 12 feet long and Amy says her cats race along it and the other pieces of her cat superhighway every day.

If you're interested in having a custom cat piece built for your special space and your special kitties, contact Kathie at or call 773-642-6974773-642-6974.

The Godzilla Cat Walk at The Vertical Cat

Check out our new blog, "The Catification Lady"

In my blog, "One crazy cat lady explores the depths of Cat Behavior, Catification, and Environment Enrichment." Check out my latest post about our newest cat tree, the Catreena Spiral Cat Tree.

The blog features catification tips on creating that ultimate kitty superhighway and lots of pictures of ways homes have been catified.


We post lots of pictures and chat about our day to day operations on both Facebook and Twitter. So if you like our furniture, please like us on Facebook Facebook and follow us on Twitter .

A little about our cat furniture...

Cats love to go up...
and we want to help them do just that! We at The Vertical Cat™ offer a line of affordable, contemporary cat furniture that's design to help you create a cat friendly environment in your home.

You can mix and match our cat trees, shelves, tunnels, and stairs to enrich your kitty's environment by letting him or her get to those desirable vertical spaces only a cat can dream of reaching. Whatever wall or floor space you have available, you can make that area work for you and your cats.


Rufus and Stormi on wall-mounted stairsOur custom made handcrafted cat furniture is ...

... made of Oak veneer plywood and the carpet on our trees and shelves is SmartStrand eco-friendly carpeting. Better than that, our carpet is super cushiony to give your cats a comfy place to survey their domain or take a catnap. And even better than that, all our carpet is removable for cleaning or replacement.

But the best thing of all is ...

... our furniture really does look like furniture, furniture you'll be proud to own and furniture your kitty will be happy to leap on, walk on, run on, sit on and sleep on.

We're based out of the Chicago area, but we're happy to ship to your location. All our furniture is made by us specifically for you! And we're pretty reasonably priced. Our stuff costs about what you'd pay at Big-Box MegaPets for cat trees made of fiberboard and carpet.

Please take a look inside our site and our web store. And enjoy the rest of the pictures and captions throughout our pages. In fact, send us some of your own cat pictures for our Pictures page.

And if you find a typo or have a suggestion, let us know. Thanks for visiting!

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