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Rufus and Stormi on the Alexa Corner Cat Tree

Our $2,000 Ultimate Shelter Makeover Giveaway is underway!

Nominations are over for our third annual Ultimate Shelter Makeover Giveaway, where one lucky shelter will win $1,000 worth of our cat furniture and delivery. And we're giving away another $1,000 in secondary prizes.

We'll be announcing the top 10 finalists for the grand prize on next Wednesday, Sept. 17.

The winning shelter will also get a catification consultation with Cat Style Expert Kate Benjamin, who runs Kate and Jackson Galaxy wrote Catification, which is coming out in October. The book is one of the prizes that's being given to all the finalists.

Now that the nominations have been collected, we'll choose 10 worthy finalists and the public have one week after the finalists are announced to vote for the winner.

Secondary prizes will be awarded as well. will be giving away
a wall climbing package as a second place prize . PetFusion is also giving away a Jumbo Cat Scratcher Lounge also for second place. Auntie Em Creations is giving away an Bunk Bed for third place.

The nine finalists will also receive 3 Packages of From The Field Premium Catnip Buds from Plain Brown Tabby. And will be giving an assortment of designer cat toys to all ten finalists.

And we are The Vertical Cat are giving away a Cat Shelf or a Cat Bed to each of the top nine finalists, along with the Catification books to all the finalists.

Here's a picture of Cat's Cradle Shelter ( of Fargo, ND, who won our second giveaway in 2013. This is part of their makeover.

The Vertical Cat at Cat's Cradle Shelter
The Vertical Cat's Deep Cat Bed
Check out our new wall mounted Deep Cat Bed

Yes, indeed! We have a new wall mounted cat bed we call our Deep Cat Bed which offers a comfy place for your kitty to hang out, nap or just watch the world go by.

Our Deep Cat Bed is 6" deep with one short side for easy access. The bed is made of Oak Veneer Plywood and comes with carpet or a pillow for cushy kitty comfort.

We offer a variety of stains and paint colors so your cat bed can be customized for your home.

Find out more about our Deep Cat Bed, which is now available in our store.

The Vertical Cat - Wall Mounted Cat Bed But don't forget we have our regular Wall Mounted Cat Bed and Feeding Station available too!
ur Wall Mounted Cat Bed has been a terrific option for kitties looking for a comfy spot to hang out. The Cat Bed has a 4" high bed inside and  measures 11-1/2"D x 22"W.

The Cat Bed comes in all our standard finishes and you can choose either carpet inside or a pillow.

Our other new piece is our Wall Mounted Cat Feeding Station Shelf, which provides a safe haven for kitties to eat and drink away from dogs, kids and other distractions.

The Vertical Cat - Wall Mounted Cat Feeding Station ShelfWhile these new wall mounted shelves have been in the planning stages for months, we're thrilled to finally able to bring them to you.

New Sisal Rope Scratching Posts are in our store NOW!

Our new Sisal Rope Scratching Posts are now available in our store.
These awesome posts have a removable sisal rope cartridge that can be replaced when the sisal wears out.

The Vertical Cat - Sisal Rope Scratching PostThe posts have three different types of tops: a Perch, a Bed and a Topper to make it a regular scratching post, and come in heights of 3' and 2-1/2'. And if you'd like a custom height, no problem. We can do that!

The Scratching Posts have 1/2" Sisal Rope wrapped around them and are good for scratching and climbing. The exciting part of these posts is that the Sisal Rope section is replaceable. The posts easily come apart and you can replace the sisal cartridge when it wears out with a new cartridge. That means the posts are meant to last, and you never have to worry about your cat's favorite post becoming an eye sore in your home.

Check them out right now! We are also be offering the Replacement Sisal Rope Cartridges in our store.

International shipping is now available!

Thanks to Bongo International we now are offering international shipping for shoppers around the world. Just select the items you want in our store and go to your shopping cart and select "Outside The US?" button. Bongo then takes you through the process. 

Once we get the order, we process it as usual, which normally takes two to three weeks for us to build your shelves and trees. We ship to Bongo's facilities in the U.S., and then your order ships to you. A few days later you receive your new cat furniture. 

Depending on where you live, pricing looks to be somewhere around two or three times what you'd pay in the U.S. But they'll give you the pricing before you place your order.

So Australia, England, Japan, Italy and people from all the other countries we've heard from who've been waiting for us to be able to ship internationally, we're ready to spread The Vertical Cat love around the world.

Check out our new blog, "The Catification Lady"

In my blog, "One crazy cat lady explores the depths of Cat Behavior, Catification, and Environment Enrichment." Check out my latest post.

The blog features catification tips on creating that ultimate kitty superhighway, interviews with cat professionals and lots of pictures of ways homes have been catified.


We post lots of pictures and chat about our day to day operations on both Facebook and Twitter. So if you like our furniture, please like us on Facebook Facebook and follow us on Twitter .

A little about our cat furniture...

Cats love to go up...
and we want to help them do just that! We at The Vertical Cat™ offer a line of affordable, contemporary cat furniture that's design to help you create a cat friendly environment in your home.

You can mix and match our cat trees, shelves, tunnels, and stairs to enrich your kitty's environment by letting him or her get to those desirable vertical spaces only a cat can dream of reaching. Whatever wall or floor space you have available, you can make that area work for you and your cats.


Rufus and Stormi on wall-mounted stairsOur custom made handcrafted cat furniture is ...

... made of Oak veneer plywood and the carpet on our trees and shelves is SmartStrand eco-friendly carpeting. Better than that, our carpet is super cushiony to give your cats a comfy place to survey their domain or take a catnap. And even better than that, all our carpet is removable for cleaning or replacement.

But the best thing of all is ...

... our furniture really does look like furniture, furniture you'll be proud to own and furniture your kitty will be happy to leap on, walk on, run on, sit on and sleep on.

We're based out of the Chicago area, but we're happy to ship to your location. All our furniture is made by us specifically for you! And we're pretty reasonably priced. Our stuff costs about what you'd pay at Big-Box MegaPets for cat trees made of fiberboard and carpet.

Please take a look inside our site and our web store. And enjoy the rest of the pictures and captions throughout our pages. In fact, send us some of your own cat pictures for our Pictures page.

And if you find a typo or have a suggestion, let us know. Thanks for visiting!

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